TEDx Montevideo

Intro show

This is a video production we did for TEDx Montevideo 2015.

We did a short two and a half minute film with original music and visuals to welcome the audience and to initiate the event.

The interesting aspect of this production is the method with wich we generated the visuals. We used a real-time approach to generate and record all footage using the following pipeline.

First we used Memo Akten's fluid simulator for OpenFrameworks (available here), and we modified the rendering logic to adjust it to what we needed.

Then, we streamed the final render into N.IMP to perform some post processing, and finally we used a very fast screen recorder (ScreenFlick) to capture the footage (conventional screen recorders such as the one provided with the Quicktime player are too slow, and cause a huge frame rate drop).

After that, we just edited the final composition in a standard video editing software.

Here are some screenshots and the final video.




  • Christian Clark - Direction, coding and rendering.
  • Guillermo Berta - Production, video editing and music (www.guillermoberta.com).
  • Lucas Mateo - Production and video rendering (hmoz.net).
  • Paco Hernandez - Production and video rendering (hmoz.net).