A real time visual content generator

N.IMP is an open source image processor application, developed using OpenFrameworks for MacOSX. The application allows the user to generate contents and process them in many stages, and the contents can be exported in real time to other applications (such as video projection tools, and VJing or video-mapping applications).

It was developed by Brian Eschrich and Christian Clark.

N.IMP uses a image processing graph in which an input image (that can be obtained from a video, a live feed, or completely synthesized) travels through the graph and gets processe in every node until it reaces the end of the graph (the end of the processing path). This technique is widely used by many applications such as Max, and VVVV.

The system only manages image generation, and was designed to be used along with third party applications such as Modul8 or Resolume to project the content.

N.IMP uses Syphon to communicate colour information between application.

Source code is available here .