New Media and Impressionism

My Masters degree in computer science

During May of 2015 I completed (with mention) my master's degree in computer science, in the fields of Human Computer Interaction, and New Media Art.

This thesis is centered in a kind of new media artwork that I call Modular New Media Art that is very suitable for large exhibitions in public settings (amongst other things). It explores examples, a theoretical framework that can be used to design and analyse them, and a few art pieces and tools for artistic production that I helped to develop (along with a wonderful team).

Here you can download the PDF file.

I want to express my gratitude to my advisors:

  • Dr. Tomás Laurenzo - Universidad de la República
  • Dr. Álvaro Cassinelli - University of Tokyo
  • Dr. Franco Robledo - Universidad de la República

And to the members of the committee:

  • Dr. Héctor Cancela - Universidad de la República
  • Dr. Andrew Burrell - University of Sydney
  • Dr. Pablo Musé - Universidad de la República
  • Dr. Álvaro Pardo - Universidad Católica del Uruguay
  • Mr. Emil Montgomery