MADU - San José

An immersive museum experience.

MADU stands for Augmented Museums of Uruguay (in Spanish). For this project Shaman Development Studio (our studio) was hired to develop all the necessary software, selection of hardware, and content generation for a immersive 3-wall projection experience.

This installation is on permanent exhibition at Espacio Cultural, in the city of San José, Uruguay

The exhibition room has a media server computer that controls four projectors which are blended to crete a continuous projection. The spectators are provided with an Android tablet on arrival, and through that device they can discover augmented reality content during the show.

For this project, we created a custom projection system, a central state controller, a synchronized multichannel audio player, and the augmented reality software running on the tablets. We also managed the project and the content generation.


Video documentation by Campo de Marte



  • Shaman Development Studio - Software, configuration, installation, management.
  • Óscar Martinez - Management.
  • Fabrizio Bogado - Visuals.
  • Guillermo Berta - Sound design.
  • Campo de Marte - Production.