Walking through spatial dimensions

"Infinito" is an art piece by Juan Pablo Colasso where spatial dimensions are made explicit through the spectator's interaction.

This piece was on exhibition at the moment this article was written, it premiered on April 19th of 2016, and will be in exhibition till May 28th of 2016 at Subte Municipal (an underground contemporary art museum in Montevideo, Uruguay).

In this installation, the spectator enters a dark room just by himself, where he is directed to a central alley. Since the spectator has no prior instructions but to enter alone, at this point he or she enters an exploratory mode and does the only thing available, which is to walk forward.

As he walks, the central projection starts to change, going though different spatial dimensions beginning at the biggest dimension known to mankind, and travels until reaches our universe, our galaxy, our Solar System, then Earth, human size, and then starts to delve into even smaller dimension until reaching the sub atomic realm.

For this artwork I joined a great team of artists, modelers, and sound engineers. I directed and coded the user interaction system with the help of Agustín Colasso. The system was created using Openframeworks to process the input of three PS3Eye cameras. All image acquisition was made using infrared lighting and proper filtering. Then we also used Unity3D to process the user tracking data and to control camera movements. Unity 3D was also used to render the final projection, and to send scene object's information to an audio-synthesizing application developed in Max.

Official documentation of the art work is yet to come.



  • Art piece by Juan Pablo Colasso
  • Christian Clark - Software.
  • Marco Colasso - Software and Sound design.
  • Agustín Colasso - Software.
  • Virginia Arigón - Theoretical framework.
  • Juan Pablo Colasso - 3D modelling and animations.
  • Pictures and videos by Marcela Abal, Juan Pablo Colasso, Marco Colasso, and Christian Clark.