An interctive artwork with balloons, LEDs, electronics, and plastic bottles

Celebra is an interactive installation commissioned by the Uruguayan government.

It was created in a collaboration between UDELAR University's Medialab and Bondi.

It is a massive, interactive, site-specific and remote installation and performance tool.

Celebra comprises a suspended network of two hundred balloons. The balloons have a diameter of one-meter and are lit from the inside by LEDs.

Celebra embraces two aesthetics that are frequently seen as contradictory: on one hand, much effort has been put into the design and construction of its very re-fined control interfaces, interaction schemes, and visual output; on the other, it embraces a rough aspect that arises from its components and their interconnection, and lends it the grunge appearance of many DIY projects.

Celebra uses the first version of Sendero (an open source lighting system)


Pictures by Guillermo Berta and Lucas Mateo.


Video of the first exhibition at Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo

Video shot at ISEA 2013 by Tomás Laurenzo and Tatjana Kudinova.


  • Christian Clark - Direction and coding.
  • Tomás Laurenzo - Art direction and coding.
  • Pablo Gindel - Electronics.
  • Fabrizio Devoto - Structure.
  • Germán Hoffman - Coding.